• Three Common Sunscreen Myths

    You might think that the topic of sunscreens is totally inappropriate to discuss today as it is windy and raining outside! Well, we are all longing...
  • Valentine's Day OUR FREE GIFT TO YOU

    What are your plans?At home we never do anything. It is just few weeks after few family members birthdays, so we have usually been out to celebrate...

    Face cleansing is by far the most important step of your daily skincare routine.    If you are using wipes to remove make up and dirt and calling t...
  • As Seen in JAN Magazine

    In the latest JAN Magazine our AZRA Botanical Simplicity is mentioned.   
  • As Seen in Vogue Magazine

    Our products are made by the expert! Great to see that Vogue Nederland is recognizing the importance of facial specialist.

    Our brand represents the skincare made with effective and active ingredients, no nonsense marketing and a brand that understands products are just one piece of the puzzle when looking after your skin.

    AZRA Botanical Simplicty’s  founding mission was to introduce a concept that combined the best that nature has to offer with scientifically proven formulas to deliver effective and tangible results.

  • As Seen in Society World Magazine

    Our CLEANSE is featured in Society World magazine.  Great review of AZRA Botanical Simplicity CLEANSE which is a non foaming gel formula, ideal for all skin types. 

    The inclusion of Aloe Vera in CLEANSE makes use of its anti inflammatory and soothing properties.

    Chamomille (Anthemis Nobilis Flower) Extract is commonly used to relieve inflammatory skin conditions and calm sensitive skin.  It also provides antioxidant protection and also soothes and moisturise.

    Grape Seed Oil contains high amounts of vitamin E and linoleum acid which are fatty acids that strengthen the skin’s barrier and function as a shield against harmful environmental elements.  It is naturally anti-inflammatory so helps calm irritated or sensitive skin, antimicrobial (targets spot causing bacteria) and non-comedogenic meaning it doesn’t clog pores.

  • As Seen in Sante magazine

    Find our serum featured in May 2021 edition of Sante lifestyle magazine from the Netherlands 🌾 this serum is our hero product. AZRA Botanical Simplicity SERUM is created with ingredients that are hydrating, skin-strengthening and focused on their anti-pigmentation and anti-bacterial properties.
  • EARTH DAY 🌎 ♻️

    To mark this day we are running the SPECIAL OFFER: purchase any 2 AZRA Botanical Simplicity products and get our No Rinse Hands Cleanser free of charge.
  • Let Us Share With You A Little Secret

    Don't want to burst your bubble, but quite a few natural products are actually not that natural at all. There is no law in Europe that determines which or how many ingredients natural cosmetic products may or must contain. Natural skincare therefore means that a product contains natural ingredients.
  • 3 Simple Ways To Deeply Hydrate Your Skin

    Following the most recent lockdown, the skin concern facing most clients streaming through our salon doors was dehydration.1. It all starts with yo...
  • The hand gel you need now!

    An effective yet mild on-the-go hand gel from Azra Botanical Simplicity that smells nice thanks to a little bit of peppermint essential oil which h...
  • Think Sun Protection, Think Zinc!

    Physical sun protection with zinc oxide is the best friend to your skin. It also has anti-inflammatory and healing benefits. We highly recommend it for any skin type including acne prone skin and is safe for baby skin. ⭐️