We hear very often that pores are too big, too visable! Remember, unless you are a dolphin (which you are not if you are reading this), you have pores. That is okay! Social media filters may give people glass skin, but in real life, skin has pores and they are useful. 

Can you shrink pores?
While you can not change the actual size or number of pores, you can reduce how big they appear, "shrinking" them by controlling sebum production.  The more sebum that is produced in the pore, the bigger the pore is. Sebum is made up of oils, fatty acids, wax, cholestoerol, sweat. 

Oral retinoids and salicylic acid have been shown to be effective at reducing sebum production. However, we rate Clinisoothe as the most effective product at reducing sebum production. It does not contain any for skin irritating ingredients. Other topical ingredients that might help include vitamin B (niacinamide) which is the main ingredient of our Intensive Serum

Facial tretments with light devices or microneedeling such as IPL Skin Rejuvination Treatment and SkinPen might also be useful for reducing the appearance of pores. 

Can you open pores?
Pores are always open, they do not close. They can become blocked by a buildup and shed skin cells. Steam and warmth can help soften the sebum inside the pores.

Pores actually can open more, but not in a good way. When elasticity of the skin around the pore start to sag (due to UV exposure and age mostly), pores bacome more streched and appear larger. Hence, it is important to wear SPF minimum 30, preferably 50 daily. 

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