Let's talk about skincare ingredients! In our Intensive Serum you will find amongst many active ingredients also Ectoin. Why do we love Ectoin?


Ectoin is a synthetic or naturally derived amino acid derivative used as a skin care ingredient for its protective and hydrating effects on skin. It works as an emollient on skin and can also have a buffering and anti-pollution effect in cosmetics.

Wht is Ectoin so important in skincare products?  Ectoin helps maintain balanced hydration by maintaining the correct water balance in skin. In studies, this amino acid derivative exhibited the ability to reduce transepidermal water loss across all facial areas. Through the reduction of moisture loss and the promotion of a correct, healthy water balance Ectoin allowed skin to better maintain its hydration and a smooth, soft surface.

When reading research on this ingredient, you will find out that Ectoin can also help protect skin from environmental stressors related to different types of natural light, specifically UVA rays (although to be very clear Ectoin is not a sunscreen), and pollutants. This protective ability helps to protect the skin from anti aging. It’s believed Ectoin exhibits these benefits in part because of its antioxidant ability as well as what seems to be a natural ability to protect skin from dehydration due to environmental exposure.

Some research also shows that Ectoin has the ability to interrupt the formation of dark spots, visibly improve the look of pores, support a healthy skin barrier and soothe.

AZRA Botanical Simplicity INTENSIVE SERUM is created with ingredients that are hydrating, skin-strengthening and focused on their anti-pigmentation and anti-bacterial properties. It won silver at Dutch Beauty Award 2022! Ectoin is one of the most important ingredients in this product!