About AZRA

AZRA Botanical Simplicity is...

Luxury, high-tech and science-backed skincare brand made by the skin expert


It was my mission to make effective plant-based skincare for the real skin needs of the modern woman and man. Products made with all the know-how of the skin expert are really something! Because not all cosmetics are made by experts, although it often seems that way.

Skincare made in practice

To find the best and most effective botanical ingredients for effective skincare, you need to know your business. And that's what you get if you, as a skin therapist, treat women and men day in day out and provide the right solutions for their skin needs. My philosophy is simple: I formulate products that I personally use, that I am confident will achieve the result I want, with ingredients I know, trust, love, and am deeply proud to share with you. 

Why is AZRA Botanical Simplicity Different? 

Our products combine high-potency, scientific, cosmeceutical active ingredients with refined botanical plant extracts for outstanding, dramatic results.

Our skincare line comprises highly active formulas founded on the best of modern science and cutting-edge research available today, coupled with a luxurious feel that make them as enjoyable to use as they are effective.

AZRA Botanical Simplicity products are made to simplify skincare routine without sacrificing results, multi-functional skincare! Our mission is to create products unbound by gender, age or time; effective formulas that respect the integrity of skin and provide real results.


Women with a trace of skincare product on the face



AZRA is...

My name is Azra Secerbegovic and I have very interesting work experience and education which combined together lead me to AZRA Botanical Simplicity skincare. Azra Botanical Simplicity  is everything I wanted as a customer; skincare made with effective and active ingredients, no nonsense marketing and a brand that understands products are just one piece of the puzzle when looking after your skin.

I studied plant science and worked for many years as the skin therapist, therefore I understand exactly which ingredients function well and work together in skincare routine of different skin types. It became my mission to create a truly effective skincare brand in which high-tech and natural ingredients are combined with not too many ingredients, so that the simple but powerful formulas minimize the chance of irritation. 

 I currently own the skin clinic ASPA in The Hague and I have my own skin care line AZRA Botanical Simplicity.

When I was 25, I got very bad skin overnight. I was living in London at the time and war had just broken out in my native country ... I had terrible acne that took me to the doctor. I received medication from him, the complaints disappeared, but my skin became terribly dry. And as soon as I stopped taking the medication, my complaints came back. From that moment on I started to study skincare and nutrition even more. That is where my passion arose and when I was 40, I retrained as a skin therapist.




“As both a highly trained facialist and botanist, I worked on the complexions of so many women and men in my treatment room, I create scientific formulas to address the real skin concerns I see every day. With the team of industry experts, I formulated AZRA Botanical Simplicity products after many years in my clinic, experiencing how skin reacts to product. My powerful formulas build on the results I achieve in clinic and to help my clients achieve that radiant glow at home.”




Truly sustainability means buy less, but better quality! Everything else is just empty talking! 

AZRA Botanical Simplicty’s  founding mission was to introduce a concept that combined the best that nature has to offer with scientifically proven formulas to deliver effective and tangible results. We wanted high performing botanicals and simplicity to be at the core of our approach and products.  This entailed only using ingredients that served a specific purpose and achieve their intended results.  We  also wanted to create multi-purpose products that address a variety of skin concerns yet add simplicity to any daily skincare routine.



 We know we are very fortunate to work in an industry that we love and to spend our day helping women (and men) feel more beautiful and confident. As happy as we are, we also understand that a life filled with opportunity doesn’t come easy to everyone. This is why, as a business, we made the conscious decision to give back and take corporate social responsibility seriously. This means we support various projects and foundations that are close to our heart. We have our own foundation Stichting Emina Foundation which supports children and young adults in their education. You can read more about our projects here.