Why am I not a fan of the single ingredient products?

I regularly receive questions in the salon and via email about my experience with the single ingredient products. As you may know about me, I like to dive into the ingredients list and test products myself. In addition, I have spoken to many customers who have used the these types of products. This way I have enough information to judge whether or not these products are effective.

Single Ingredient Products
The single ingredient products often contain beautiful ingredients with high percentages. Unfortunately, these ingredients are often not combined with other active ingredients. Where, for example, you have a serum with vitamin C at the Ordinary, you actually only have a serum with vitamin C. So nothing else has been added.

Now you may be thinking, oh but that's the right thing right?
Well not really, because in this way it is not a full-fledged formula.
By adding multiple active ingredients to a product, your product becomes more effective. An example is that a vitamin C serum should never be used without vitamin E. Vitamin E and Vitamin C reinforce each other and ensure that the formula remains effective.

In short, while you think you are doing well with your vitamin C serum (with a high percentage), you are actually a bit fooled in terms of effectiveness.

Are you a chemist?
Because you buy products with separate ingredients, you have to combine separate products with each other to make them effective. Not only can some combinations be bad for your skin, you now need at least 3 serums to get the same effect as a normal serum. Unfortunately, I often see things go wrong here. Wrong combinations of ingredients are used and they are not used in the correct order.

So basically you have to be a chemist to really do this the right way.
This is also something I often heard from my clients. As a result, good results were not achieved.

For this reason, I personally find it difficult to give advice about these products. While the ingredients are usually fine, unfortunately they are not up to my standard.
At AZRA Botanical Simplicity we only select the best products. More than 80% of product combinations we test do not pass the selection. Purely because they do not meet expectations or the price / quality ratio is not good.