Skincare Made by the Skin Expert

Skincare made by the skin expert
  It was my mission to make effective, science backed, plant-based skincare for the real skin needs of the modern woman and man.
We want to disintegrate beauty, to remove it from gender-specific, age-specific, and trend-driven product development and marketing. Our mission is to create products unbound by gender, age or time; effective formulas that respect the integrity of skin and provide real results. From conception to development, products are often lead by marketing; commercial trends, rather than the health and integrity of skin, shape formulation. We are bombarded with 'buzz' ingredients, decorative product names and claims that often promise too much. Skincare should simply be the harmony of purpose and formula: meaningful products, with potent, efficacious ingredients that truly benefit skin.
Products made with all the know-how of the skin expert are really useful. Because not all cosmetics are made by experts, although it often seems that way.
With Azra Botanical Simplicity, created by the founder of the Aspa beauty salon in The Hague, you are assured of the best ingredients in the most effective combinations and effective, sustainable and cruelty-free formulas.
To find the best and most effective botanical ingredients for effective skincare, you need to know your business. And you have that if you, as a skin therapist, treat women and men in your salon day in day out and provide the right solutions for their skin needs.