Our Best Tips for the Glowing Skin!

Many people think that drinking water helps to hydrate your skin, but often this is not enough to reduce dry skin.

The water you drink will pass through your skin too quickly, so that your skin will experience little or no benefits from it. Food, on the other hand, does a lot!

These foods help reduce dry skin:
- avocado
- Strawberries
- Pineapple
- Fatty fish (herring, salmon, mackerel, eel)
- Oil (hemp seed oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, linseed oil)
- Nuts (walnuts) 

Some other tips we want to give you to reduce dry skin:
1. Stop exfoliating your skin immediately: the grain of a scrub damages your skin. Instead, opt for a fruit acid-based exfoliant. We recommend glycolic acid or lactic acid for dry skin.Both lactic and glycolic acid have a moisture-attracting properties. A mild peeling is suitable for every skin type and should be done 2-3 times per week. At ASPA we have the selection of different peels for each skin type, just ask us.

2. Schedule an intensive home treatment every week: In addition to your regular skin care, we recommend that you do an intensive home treatment every week to hydrate and protect your skin. That way you get rid of your dry skin faster. A real hydration bomb is our Intensive Serum which you can use as a mask and mix it with a few drops of Olixia facial oil.

3. Or opt for our favorite treatment for a glow: microneedling! Have you ever scheduled a microneedling treatment for yourself? If not, highly recommended! The treatments are not relaxation treatments, but really effective facial treatments to give your skin that well-deserved glow again.

Microneedling is a proven effective cosmetic treatment method, which is extremely popular! It ensures a radiant, even and younger-looking skin. After the age of 25, the production of collagen, a protein that ensures a radiant and plump skin, decreases. Microneedling stimulates the production of collagen, among other things, and thus prevents skin aging. It is therefore not surprising that everyone wants a microneedling treatment.

 Here you will find more information about our microneedling treatments:
  1. Meta Therapy 
  2. SkinPen
Do you want to purchase one of the above products, but are you unsure whether this will help you? You can always email us on info@azrabotanicalsimplicity.com .

We really only sell products that we stand behind 100%. The products have proven themselves time and again and have been extensively tested. 

Your skin can also glow again. And we are happy to help you with that!