Whatever your skin is breakout-prone, dry, sensitive, or chronically dull, products made with Blue Tansy oil can make a huge difference. 

Blue Tansy is the ingredient that has had the most impact on my wildly sensitive, angry-at-everything skin in my 20's. At the same time, Blue Tansy oil is wonderfully moisturising, which helps with dry skin and also with breakout-prone skin left stripped or raw by too-harsh products. And as is often a benefit with clean, nontoxic beauty, the sent of Blue Tansy provides an aromatherapeutic benefit. Inhaling slowly, you are pulled into the herbaceous, earthy, and fairly sweet world of Blue Tansy. As you go through your skincare routine, ti reveals itself to be beautifully calming. it is the ingredient in our ALL CLEAN BALM. Have you already tried our cleansing balm?