Can You Have A Facial In The Summer?

Last week I was asked whether you can actually undergo a facial treatment in the summer. You regularly see beauty salons that literally close their doors in the summer.

Personally, I think it's a shame not to treat in the summer months, because then you're a few months behind in improving your skin! Of course it depends a bit on which treatment you want to undergo, but the majority of treatments can continue with some extra care for good sun protection.

It is logical that you do not have violent peels or laser facial treatments performed, because these treatments make you more sensitive to sunlight, but a mild peeling such as PRX-T33 or microneedling such as Meta Therapy or SkinPen are very nice to use in the summer! Why? You can read that below!

Why is it good to treat your skin in the summer too
We notice that every season brings change in your skin. What we see a lot in the summer months is that the skin becomes drier (due to the sun). The sun has a drying effect. In addition, your skin not only loses some moisture, but also extra nutrition.

It is therefore important to make your skin barrier as strong as possible in the summer, so that you can retain moisture well and regain this hydration and nutrition. You can do this by adjusting your skincare routine and we always will give you our advice for your skincare and by booking a Meta Therapy treatment, for example. This treatment restores your barrier, adds all the hydration and vitamins and exfoliates (removes dead skin cells) in a mild way. The antioxidants in this treatment also provide a nice natural protection against the sun!

In short... the result is an even, soft, radiant skin.

It is also smart to inhibit pigmentation and to create collagen. Because to be honest, the sun ensures that pigment is stimulated (because you want a brown color), but you do not want these to become annoying spots. In addition, the sun breaks down your collagen, so it is certainly important to stimulate this again in time (and this is allowed in the summer). An ideal treatment for this is microneedling such as Meta Therapy. We also carry out this treatment during the entire summer months, on the condition that the customer continues to apply the SPF well (as you should normally do). The treatment leaves a large part of the skin completely intact, so there is no reason to worry.

We were regularly asked whether we also wanted to treat the neck and décolleté, which is why these options are now also available in the online agenda. 

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Are you in doubt?
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