The summer is finally here! We hope you are enjoying the weather.

After the past few years, we’ve never felt more in need of a relaxing summer holiday. The chance to unwind and rejuvenate is certainly something our mind and bodies need, but if you’re not careful then holidays can be less kind to your skin.

From sun damage to holiday break-outs, there are plenty of pitfalls to avoid!

Pre-holiday prep

Prevention is better than cure, and there are a couple of changes you may want to make to your skincare regime before you go away in order to benefit your skin.

‘We always advise our clients to use a consistent skin care routine, but the week before travel we recommend they stop using products that contain retinol as this can make the skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays.

During your holiday

While none of us would consider lying in the sun without applying sun protection product, it’s still incredible how many of us get it wrong, over exposing the skin and even burning. And while you might not be able to see the damage you are causing, changes will be occurring within the dermis. Sun protection products can be very difficult for the skin as well, so it is very immportant to find the right type that suits your skin. At ASPA skin clinic we have the selection of sun protection products that suit every skin type. 

If you’re prone to hyperpigmentation, just one hour in the sun, unprotected, can undo months of hard work you’ve put in looking after your skin. This is why it’s extremely important to use an antioxidant serum such as our INTENSIVE SERUM followed by sunscreen every day to maximise your skin’s defence and help stabilise the pigment producing cells. You should opt for a minimum SPF 50 and reapply every couple of hours.

After a relaxing day in the sun your skin will be in need of a thorough cleanse. If you don’t do this you expose yourself to the risk of the dreaded holiday break-out.  Constant application of sunscreen can equal congestions and breakouts, so when you’re back at the hotel, de-clog those pores and refresh skin with a double cleanse by AZRA Botanical Simplicity, ideally followed by a cleanising clay mask . 

You also want to ensure the skin doesn’t dry out, as this can leave pores open to bacteria and further holiday break-outs. Post sun exposure, it’s important to replenish the moisture skin may have lost during the day. A hyaluronic acid & vitamin B3 rich serum such as our INTENSIVE SERUM is the perfect choice as they are light but effective at deeply hydrating the skin.

1. Single cleanse
2. Serum
3. Sun protection

1. Double cleanse
2. Cleansing Clay Mask
3. Serum

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