Let Us Share With You A Little Secret

Let Us Share With You A Little Secret

Time for a cosmetic secret. A little secret that I think you should know. Today: natural skincare. ⠀

Don't want to burst your bubble, but quite a few natural products are actually not that natural at all. There is no law in Europe that determines which or how many ingredients natural cosmetic products may or must contain. Natural skincare therefore means that a product contains natural ingredients. That can be a lot, but also very little. Nowadays there are all kinds of quality marks that set requirements with regard to, for example, the percentage of ingredients, organic cultivation or how the production process should proceed. The only problem is that these quality marks all have different guidelines and conditions. ⠀

What you also need to know is that many "green" substances are often (chemically) processed in such a way that in the end there is little natural left. If you now have a bottle of 100% pure jojoba oil or coconut oil in your hands, you can assume that this is a natural product. Pressing nuts and seeds is an operation, but not a chemical operation. But things are different for a product containing cocamidopropyl betaine, for example, which is often claimed to be extracted from coconut oil. Usually there is a synthetic part attached to it. ⠀

Is that bad? No, definitely not. What I mind is that people these days are given the feeling that green or natural would be better and healthier. But did you know that there are many plant substances that you should avoid - especially with sensitive skin? For example, lavender, geraniol, sandalwood, mint and citrus-like substances and hamamelis (witch hazel). These botanical ingredients can be very irritating. ⠀

My advice? When choosing products, be guided mainly by the ingredients list, and not by marketing terms such as natural. Sometimes synthetic is simply better!

At AZRA Botanical Simplicity, we do not claim to be green, natural brand. We always say: AZRA Botanical Simplicity combines the best that nature has to offer with scientifically proven formulas to deliver effective and tangible results. MADE WITHOUT a long list of questionable ingredients. High-tech formulas can combine with the best that nature has to offer to deliver effective results in a luxurious way.